As the world slowly begins to figure out how to reopen after the coronavirus outbreak stay-at-home orders, there are some people who are saying, hey, wait a minute, I like working from home. I don't wanna go back to the office.

Unfortunately, most of us will probably have to go back to work. Businesses might have been able to operate via online teleconferencing for a few weeks, but you know bosses - they want to see you trudging around the hallways at the office. They don't want you to have all the fun of working from home if they have to be at the office, so come Monday, May 18, a pretty decent number of people will be putting on regular clothes for the first time in a month and a half and heading back to work.

Inspired by survey results and a conversation we had on Mike & Tricia Mornings, here are some of the things we're going to miss when we go back to work and why we wish we could work from home forever:

1. Better toilet paper - Let's be honest, office toilet paper is awful. Don't get me wrong, when I was desperately searching the aisles for toilet paper at the beginning of this whole ordeal, I would have loved to have it, but one-ply sandpaper toilet paper is not something anyone is looking forward to.

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2. Number two - As in, I gotta go number two. There is nothing worse than having to poop at the office, as you'll hear in the on-air conversation below.

Mike & Tricia Mornings - Work Poops

Having your home bathroom available is going to be a distant memory starting Monday morning. Don't forget to stock up on Poopouri, because good luck finding Lysol.


3. Clean fridge - I don't know about your office, but our office fridge looks like hobos use it. There are cartons of food that haven't moved in months and jars of condiments that are permanently stuck to the shelves in the door. You know that commercial with the talking food? The food in our fridge at work talks too. It says "Close the door and nobody gets hurt."


4. Pants - Or rather, no pants. No one wants to wear nice work pants anymore, and don't even get me started about skirts and heels. We've all gotten used to just enough makeup to not scare our co-workers on Zoom meetings and our comfiest stretchy pants that they can't see on camera. Now we have to actually take a shower every day? What the heck?


5. Co-workers - Yes, we like our co-workers but we don't like having to deal with Stacy warming up fish in the office microwave or Tom's dollar store aftershave or Mindy's stilettos click-clacking up and down the hallway. If we have to go to work, maybe those co-workers can clean up their act because we know that we don't do anything that annoys them.

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Happy back to work on Monday!