Check out these five different and clever techniques to prevent tasty avocados from oxidizing and turning brown.

According to the Hass Avocado Board, 120 million pounds of Hass avocados will be consumed during the Super Bowl this year, that’s 240 million fresh avocados. Holy guacamole that’s a lot of avocados!

With football season kicking off this week, avocado and guacamole lovers will be indulging in the stuff so we figured you could use this info for your upcoming football gatherings.

Since avocados will turn brown in a matter of hours due to an enzyme that causes the flesh to oxidize when exposed to air, we thought we’d share some methods on keeping your left over guacamole and avocados somewhat fresh.

Pam Spray

Spraying a left over piece of avocado with Pam, cover with foil and put in the fridge. Avocado should stay green for at least 72 hours. You can also try spraying left over guacamole with Pam and then cover and store in the fridge.

Red Onion

Save your avocado in a clean, airtight container and place a red onion next to it. If you have left over guacamole you can cut up large chunks of red onion and place on top of the guacamole, cover tightly and store in the fridge.

Olive Oil

Brush the left over avocado half with olive oil, store the avocado in an airtight container and store in the fridge. The oil is sad to keep the flesh from coming in direct contact with the air, preventing oxidization.

Lemon Juice

Brush the avocado's flesh with lemon juice, cover and store in the fridge, the citric acid in the lemon juice will slow down the browning process.

The Pit

Save the pit in the half of the left over avocado or add it the center of your guacamole, cover and store in the fridge.

And if all else fails just eat it all.

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