Here are five El Paso treats that I’d like to see pumpkin incorporated into this fall.

With fall coming up and all things pumpkin flavored are on its way, let’s take a look at what local El Paso sweet treats would be paired up best with the season pumpkin flavor favorite .


Yes, pumpkin flavored tamales sound rather tasty, much more so than regular sweet tamales that are made with raisins. There is actually a pumpkin tamales recipe by Latino Foodie that I may try out so I’ll let you know how successful that turns out.


I realize that it’s made out of peanuts but they already make a mazapan covered in chocolate that adding pumpkin to the mix isn’t too far off.


I’m imagining a pumpkin fried buñuelo covered in powdered sugar and a hot cup of coffee – This light and crispy sweet treat is just begging to be flavored up and I may just tackle this one on my own too.


These are Mexican pastry staples and if they can conjure up unicorn conchas then I vote for pumpkin flavored conchas at all panaderias.

Tres Leches

I am not too partial to tres leches cake but if it was pumpkin flavored I think it would be a game changer and I would probably eat the whole thing – someone bring on the pumpkin tres leches cake!


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