Here are five alternative ways to consider cooking that turkey this Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is almost here and if you are looking for a new and tasty way to spruce up your turkey, then you may want to consider these different cooking methods for your turkey this year.

Grill A Turkey

Yes, you can grill a turkey. We are not talking BBQ, but hey if that’s something appealing then run with it. There are various recipes from rubs or sauces that you can use to grill your whole turkey or just portions of the bird including this tasty recipe HERE.

Smoked Turkey

Another alternative is to smoke a whole turkey. From what I understand, smoking a turkey makes your bird nice and juicy on the inside. Try this Smoked turkey recipe HERE.

Deep Fry A Turkey

This method, although dangerous if not properly executed, can actually burn your house down. Personally I have never had fried turkey but I hear it is the best and most delicious way to eat your turkey on Thanksgiving. Check out this incredible recipe from Alton Brown HERE.

Adobado Turkey

A few years back a friend of my moms who moved back to Mexico made this for Thanksgiving once and it was the most delicious turkey I have ever had. I never did get the recipe from her but I was able to find this recipe online – check it out HERE.

Crockpot A Turkey

And last but not least you could also crockpot your turkey. You can add stuffing or vegetables to the slow cooker for another course, which makes cooking everything so much easier. You can check out this recipe that apparently cooks your turkey with crispy skin and all – check out the recipe HERE.

Whatever method you end up using just make sure that your bird is fully cooked because no one wants to get sick on Thanksgiving. Happy eats.


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