There are a lot of people who believe turkey is the most important part of a Thanksgiving feast. Then there are some who feel ham is better than the turkey. Ever since I was little both sides of my family deck out the ham when they're cooking it. They cover the entire chunk of meat in pineapples and cherries. As a child and even now, I never really cared for ham and prefer to have a double serving of turkey over ham any day.

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But, there are people who feel how I feel about ham with turkey. When a friend of mine and I were doing our usual welfare check we got on the subject of what we were most excited to eat. He is a major fan of ham and skips the turkey.

My friend's unpopular opinion has me wondering how many more also feel the same about ham being better than turkey. Some people make their choice based on calorie intake which a 3-ounce serving of ham is 139 calories.

But for the same serving size for light meat is 125 calories while dark meat is 147 calories. Then there are some who say screw the calories and have all three slices of meat.

But the big debate I'm curious about is how many of you in El Paso share the same unpopular opinion as my friend. Although my son doesn't have a favorite since he always asks for a serving of turkey and ham. So if anything my son is team both, which means he is team turkey and ham. But let me know which team you support in the poll below.

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