When your family comes into town for Thanksgiving or Christmas you will need to take them out to eat at some point. During that time you won't want to cook every meal so instead of googling "restaurants near me", here is a good list of affordable restaurants where you can take a break.

1. Good Luck Cafe - 3813 Alameda Ave. The Good Luck has been around since the 1960s in downtown El Paso and has been in a few different locations on Alameda over the years. If you want a really fantastic bowl of menudo in a truly El Paso location, check out the Good Luck Cafe. Click here for their Facebook page.

Facebook/Good Luck Cafe

2. Roscoe's Burger Inn - 3829 Tompkins Rd. A Roscoe burger in your hand will put a smile on your face, guaranteed. This isn't a fast food burger, this is a made-to-order, fresh out of the kitchen burger of your dreams. And don't forget to try their chili bowl and caldillo, too!
Click here for their Facebook page.


3. Tacos Chinampa - 6110 Gateway Blvd E. These guys are genius! They have the Quarantine Survival Packs that give you a bunch of their delicious food all in one easily taken home package. Tacos Chinampa and binge watching? Yes, please! Check out their website to order.

Facebook/ Tacos Chinampa

4. L & J Cafe - 3622 E Missouri Ave. If you know, you know about L&J. The little place next to Concordia in Central El Paso is well known for their food and atmosphere. I love their chili con queso and their mini platter with a cold beer at the bar on a Saturday afternoon. Definitely a great place to take out of town family and friends to grab a bite. Click here

Facebook/ LJ Cafe

5. Kiki's Restaurant & Bar - 2719 N Piedras St. Head up Piedras for a place that earned a spot on the Food Network's Best Thing I Ever Ate. I always get the crab enchiladas, but their queso fries with brisket are mouthwateringly good, too! Click here for their Facebook page.


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