If you’re like the majority of El Pasoans, you probably have swamp coolers at your house. Swamp coolers work by saturating pads on the coolers walls and then blowing the air on the saturated cooler pads down into your home. Sounds like a great idea but when the temperatures in El Paso hit the kind of crazy triple digits that they are supposed to hit this weekend, your home won't be cold, it will just be about 10 - 15 degrees cooler than it is outside. The hot air can only be cooled so much because swamp coolers aren't refrigerated air.

When the summer monsoon season hits and we get stretches of humidity it causes even more problems because the cooled air is also moist air. Yeah, I know you hate the word moist and you probably hate the moist air because it only adds to the monsoonal humidity. So how do you make your swamp coolers work better?

Girl suffering a heatstroke refreshing with a fan

1. Let the hot out and the cool in - Swamp coolers work on air circulation so let the hot air out so the cooler can bring in new, cooler air.

2. Don’t let too much air in - If your door stays open when you crack it 2 to 3 inches, you need to close some windows. If it slams shut, you need to open some windows. If the door closes slowly, you’ve got it just right.

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3. Get it wet - Make sure the pads in your swamp cooler unit are saturated without dry spots or you’ll get hot spots in your house.

4. Get the right equipment - Make sure you have the right water pump for your AC unit. If it isn't the one that goes with your unit it might not put out enough power to cool your house.

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If you have swamp coolers, you know you're going to have to tough it out during extremely hot and humid weather, but these tips can help make things a little cooler in your home.

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