We've had a ton of rain and that means all the creepy crawlies that live outside will soon be trying to get into your house to get dry. Cockroaches, frogs, ants, and insects of all kinds will be looking for a place to dry out, but cockroaches are the grossest of all of those. Here are a few things that you can do to make your home less attractive to cockroaches and a couple of ways to get rid of them if they get in.

1. Make sure your house is clean - Those nasty little creatures are looking for any residue of food so if you have dirty counters, dirty dishes in the sink, a dirty stovetop or floors, you're just giving them an invitation to a party. Wipe your kitchen surfaces with a grease-cutting cleaner and don't forget the inside of your sink after you clear those dishes. Sweep your floors and mop if you spill something. A little extra work goes a long way to not seeing those horrible insects.

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2. Fix water leaks and caulk everything - Oddly, a little bit of water will attract cockroaches so make sure you don't have any leaks. Look around your house and if there is a gap between the wall and a counter in your kitchen or bathrooms, pull out the caulk. Seal up any entries into your home to keep cockroaches from finding an easy way in.

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3. Smother them - Cockroaches breathe through their skin so you can smother them with a solution of soapy water or do what I do, keep a really cheap can of aerosol hairspray handy and spray them with it. They'll die pretty quickly and you can suck them up with your vacuum cleaner.

Siberian Photographer
Siberian Photographer

4. Natural rememdies - One that I've read of involves boric acid and powdered sugar but you have to attract them so they eat the stuff and die. I don't want a lot of carcasses around my house so I would rather clean and do the other things listed above. If all else fails, just step on them but I hate hearing that gross crunch so I'll do the other things.

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