Growing up on the south side of El Paso, I knew poverty. As a young teenager, I was watching a political debate for Texas governor. One candidate accused the other of "being a billionaire but not paying taxes".  I immediately thought the accused was going to deny the accusation. After all, "everyone pays taxes", I thought to my self. Well, the accused responded by saying he didn't pay taxes because he had hired good accountants and didn't have to pay. It was at THAT moment that I realized rich people knew something that I didn't. I spent many years studying on my own and at the University to find out what I was missing out on. The following is a very simple explanation on wealth creation. This is the only REAL way of growing your money. Winning the lottery doesn't work for most people because they don't follow these three easy steps.

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    I know what your thinking. This is stupid. "Everybody knows that", your saying to yourself. Don't under estimate the power of this word, SAVE. It basically means to delay gratification. We live in a world of instant gratification. That's why most people dream of winning the lottery. To instantly gratify MORE. This is going to shock you but MOST wealthy people are really good at delaying gratification. They SAVE. The media wants you to believe that rich people live decadent lifestyles. Most don't! They SAVE, so should you!

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    This is almost as hard as saving. The reason is its the fear vs greed factor. Most people are either too afraid or too greedy to invest properly. Their greed/fear works to skew their thinking thus they make wrong investment decisions. More on that in future blogs.

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    This one sounds controversial doesn't it? Its not. All smart/wealthy people know that a good accountant/CPA is worth the expense. IRS codes are filled with legal opportunities for saving on your taxes. Its difficult to grow you money when the government keeps taking it.  More on that in future blogs.