When Taste of El Paso 2016 comes to the Convention Center on Nov. 10, I can think of one restaurant's booth I'll definitely be visiting -- Julio's Cafe Corona.

We got the chance to visit Julio's to see exactly what would be on their menu, and the top dish they'll be bringing is their authentic Chicken Mole Poblano. It can be a very difficult dish to pull off -- a mixture of savory and sweet that requires a mixture of many spices and ingredients. We won't give away Julio's big recipe, but we can tell you that it has to be tasted to be believed.

Scott Lewis
Scott Lewis

They'll also be bringing their Tacos Camineros to the show with grilled steak and melted cheese, topped with guacamole and their special red onion relish.

Julio's got its start in the mid-1940s in Juarez, Mexico, and had about 40 years perfecting its authentic recipes before making the jump across the border to El Paso in 1981. Ever since, they've been taking some of the most basic Mexican staples and stepping them up to a gourmet level.

Julio's is just one of 11 restaurants and three bakeries that you'll get to sample at Taste of El Paso. Tickets are $52 until the day of the event, when they'll go up to $60. Each samples comes with the perfect wine or craft beer pairing. To get this much gourmet food in once place would cost you hundreds of dollars. So don't miss out, and buy your tickets now!

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