The El Paso Balloon Festival will take place Memorial Day weekend at Bowen Ranch and there are a few things you’ll need to know before you head out for to this fun and family friendly event.

This year the El Paso Balloon Festival will take place at Bowen Ranch, with free balloon launches in the early morning and a whole ton of family fun featuring a military tribute, live music, food trucks, champagne tastings, a balloon glow and ranch-themed activities including trail rides, lasso lessons, livestock petting zoo, hayrides, and a western saloon for the adults.

With so much going on at the festival we thought we’d remind you of what items you shouldn’t forget for the El Paso Balloon Festival and what items you can leave behind before heading out the door.


  • 1

    Blankets /Tents / Lawn Chairs

    While there are grassy areas to kick back at, a nice blanket or lawn chair to sit on will make a difference and will make watching the balloon launches much more comfortable. Tents are also welcome so you don't have the sun beating down on you and your party all morning long.

  • 2


    We all have a handy camera on our phones, but if you are looking to capture the beauty of the balloon launches in the early morning you may consider taking your good camera for those awesome pictures you'll plan on taking.

  • 3

    Footwear / Clothes / Hats

    Wear comfortable footwear such as your tennis, avoid open toed shoes if possible. Your clothes should not be your Sunday best as it is a ranch and you will get dusty, especially for kids, t-shirts, shorts and jeans are probably best. Don't forget a nice hat for the ladies and caps for the guys, to avoid the sun getting in your face all day.

  • 4

    Sunscreen / Umbrellas / Sunglasses

    While there may be shade here and there you should always wear sunscreen to avoid sunburn. Umbrellas are also welcome and don't forget your shades too!

  • 5


    Cash is king. While the balloon launches are free to watch, you will need cash for the festival and all the ranch activities, including food and vendors. There is also a fee to park but you can save yourself the parking fee by stopping by Casa KIA, Casa Nissan or Casa Ford and picking up a free parking pass that is good for all three days.

  • 6

    Strollers / Wagons

    The El Paso Balloon Festival is a family friendly event and if you have kids then don't forget to bring strollers and wagons.

  • 7


    Don't forget your binoculars to watch the beauty of the balloons as they ascend into the El Paso skyline.