Two new cases of the plague have been reported in Sante Fe County, New Mexico.

The plague is very much alive in today’s day and age. The plague is an infectious disease that is spread and carried by fleas, rats, pets or even wildlife. According to the New Mexico Department of Health two new cases involving a 52 and 62-year old females have been diagnosed with the plague and have been hospitalized.

Symptoms usually include chills, fever, weakness and headaches. As with humans, pets such as dogs and cats can be susceptible and warning signs also include loss of appetite, fever and inactivity.

The New Mexico Department of Health has several tips on how to prevent the plague from fleas and animals including using appropriate flea control methods for your pets and keeping your home clean. For a full list on how to avoid the plague click here.

If you are experiencing any symptoms, don’t wait and seek help immediately.

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