We’re listing out ten of the best antique and vintage shops to hit up this weekend in El Paso.


Antiquing is a nostalgic weekend pastime and hobby for many who reminisce over items similar to objects that bring about a rush of memories at the mere sight of them.

The nostalgic appeal of unique items is what drives many shoppers to antique and vintage stores, and if you haven’t gone antiquing, then you’re so missing out.


About 20 years ago, I was introduced to antiquing when visiting New Orleans. Our host took us on a tour of the antique shops along the French Quarter, and there I discovered a whole world of history and wonder.

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In general, what I learned was that anything older than 100 years is considered antique. Vintage items are between 50 and 99 years old, and anything less than 50 years old is a collectible.


El Paso, too, is a treasure trove of vintage and antiques where you can find anything from costume jewelry to fashion, and even oddities from wet specimens to taxidermy, to things you never knew existed like the skeletal remains of a conjoined twin.

Tooth & Veil

While vintage and antique shops may be dwindling across the nation, many are still open to offering up old wares in hopes that the new generation takes an interest in keeping our past alive through the items that brought functionality, comfort, and joy to our lives.

So, this weekend if you're looking for something new to do - you might want to scope out some of these unique shops offering more than nostalgic feels across El Paso.

Explore 10 Of El Paso’s Best Antique & Vintage Shops

Whoopee Bowl Antiques

Bryan c. Yelp
  • Location: Whoopee Bowl at 9010 N Desert Blvd Canutillo, TX 79835
  • Phone: (915) 886-2855

Area 51 Shoppe

Jude M. Yelp
  • Location: Area 51 Shoppe at 6016 Doniphan Dr. El Paso, TX 79932
  • Phone: (915) 231-9441

Tooth & Veil Oddities & Macabre Shop

Tooth & Veil
  • Location: Tooth & Veil at 820 N Mesa St Ste 200 El Paso, TX 79902
  • Phone: (915) 443-2698

Tulips Antiques & Consignment

Tulip's Antiques & Consignment
  • Location: Tulip's Antiques at 5411 N Mesa St Ste 19C El Paso, TX 79912
  • Phone: (915) 581-7544

Dave’s Pawn Shop

Jeny N. Yelp
  • Location: Dave's Pawn Shop at 216 S El Paso St El Paso, TX 79901
  • Phone: (915) 533-3334

Red Door Vintage

The Red Door Vintage
  • Location: The Red Door Vintage at 2225 Montana El Paso, TX 79903
  • Phone: (915) 922-7055

Mesa Street Antique

Mesa Street Antique Mall
  • Location: Mesa Street Antique Mall at 6545 N Mesa St El Paso, TX 79912
  • Phone: (915) 584-0868

Marketplace at Placita Santa Fe

Tanya Y. Yelp
  • Location: Placita Santa Fe at 5034 Doniphan El Paso TX, 79932
  • Phone: (915) 585-9296

Millie’s Antique Shop

Jessica A. Yelp
  • Location: Millie's Antique Shop at 515 Stevens El Paso, TX 78704
  • Phone: (915) 841-5020

Helen’s Hidden Treasures

Sarah P. Yelp
  • Location: Helen's Hidden Treasures at 4300 Montana Ave El Paso, TX 79903
  • Phone: (915) 497-1712

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