We've had many celebrities represent El Paso over the years like Eddie Guerrero, Alan Tudyk, Debbie Reynolds... but there are many more celebrities that were born here that perhaps, you didn't know could say "El Paso WAS my home". Celebrities like:

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  • Don Bluth: Born on September 13, 1937, Don has created some of the most iconic children's movies of all time. Anyone who's a Disney fan has seen at least one of his movies in your childhood: The Rescuers, Pete's Dragon, The Secret of NIMH, An American Tail, The Land Before Time, Anastasia, All Dogs Go to Heaven. Or perhaps you remember the two arcade games he helped create back in the 80s: Space Ace or Dragon's Lair.
  • Gene Roddenberry: Ah yes... any Star Trek fans knows his name. Born in 1921, the creator of Star Trek would  write episodes for Star Trek, Star Trek: The Next Generation,  including the first 6 Star Trek movies. El Paso has even shown their appreciation by renaming the Planetarium to its present name the "Gene Roddenberry Planetarium" or simply... "The Roddenberry"
  • John Cameron Mitchell: Born in 1963, John was listed as one of the "12 Promising New Actors in 1991" & has been seen in films such as How to Talk To Girls At Parties, Shortbus, Rabbit Hole but you might know him as...Hedwig. Recently John is set to portray Joe Exotic in the upcoming tv show Joe vs Carole.
  • Nora Zehetner: Born in 1981, Nora spent a lot of time in different TX cities including Richardson, Dallas & finally moving back to El Paso. She moved to California when she was 18 & has starred in many movies & shows like Tart, American Pie 2, Mad Men, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Right Stuff & has also starred as Laura in the cult classic film, Brick:
  • Lydia Cornell: If you've seen Curb Your Enthusiasm, you'll definitely recognize Lydia. Lydia was born in 1953 & has been nominated for many awards like Best Actress & won the People's Choice Award for her best known role as Sara Rush in Too Close for Comfort.
  • Jordan Danger: Born Jordan Danielle Hinson in 1991,she had a love for acting so she started doing local theater work before moving to L.A. at 11 years old. She landed her first acting role in the Disney movie Go Figure. She would star in more shows: Kevin From Work, Hank, the award winning SyFy series Eureka. She's also starred in Breaking & Entering & Trigger Point:
  • Irene Ryan: Yes, Granny from The Beverly Hillbillies was an El Pasoan. Irene was born in 1902 & before she became Granny, she had built up an amazing career as a vaudeville dancer, a radio & movie actress. People also might remember her with accompanying Bob Hope on his military tours where she would be known as "the gal who makes Bob Hope laugh".
  • Judith Ivey: The two time Tony Award winner was born in El Paso in 1951 & has been acting in tv shows & movies for over 4 decades. She's appeared in Designing Women, The Devil's Advocate & she would get an Emmy nomination for her role in What the Deaf Men Heard. She would later be inducted into the Texas Film Hall of Fame in 2004 located in Austin.
  • Thomas Rosales Jr: Actor...stuntman... this guy is no stranger to action films. In fact, you probably have seen him many times but never knew it (most likely cause his characters usually get killed off). Thomas was born in 1948 & has done stunts for countless movies like Speed, Running Scared, Pirates of the Caribbean, he's appeared along side Arnold in 5 movies including Last Action Hero, Commando, Kindergarten Cop, The Running Man & Raw Deal. But if you want to spot him in his ACTING, someone complied a video of some of his characters being killed off:
  • Lupe Ontiveros: Actress & activist Lupe Ontiveros was born Guadalupe Moreno in 1942. She spent years working as a social worker before responding to a newspaper ad looking for extras in a movie. After that, she has portrayed a maid in over 150 films, she was the housekeeper in the Goonies, she's acted in the Jack Nicholson film As Good As It Gets, but she's best known for portraying Yolanda Saldivar in the 1997 movie Selena. She was an advocate for the hearing impaired & received the Lifetime Achievement Impact Award in 2002 from the National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC).

Those are just a handful of MANY actors & actresses who were born in El Paso. Who knows? Maybe the next big star will come from the Sun City...

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