It's been an interesting few months for Anamarc College. Earlier this summer, the owners of the medical training school closed the doors unexpectedly, leaving students and staff with no answers as to why, or if they would ever open back up. A few weeks, ago, the owners, Ana and Marc Houde, put their million dollar home up for sale. And this morning, the FBI raided two of their campuses, and the westside home of the Houdes.

el paso times/Ruben Ramirez and Rudy Gutierrez

FBI agents were seen at the Dyer and eastside campuses of Anamarc early this morning, and then agents raided the upper valley home. Agent were seen taking packing material out of vans, but it's not known what items they would be taking from the schools, or the home of the Houdes. All the FBI would say was their investigation is still ongoing.

The raid is probably not any consolation to the nearly 600 students who received no college credit from Anamarc. Only time will tell if they'll see any of the money that they paid the Houdes, who have since declared bankruptcy.

Only one thing is for sure, this is a story that won't be going away anytime soon.