Domestic violence may not be a big hit among the American population, but one Texas restaurant is apparently still getting a vicious kick out of using it to market their business.

Roots Bistro of Houston is now the center of some hectic controversy after running the phrase “Beer should be like violence: domestic” on its marquee over the weekend. A manager from the restaurant says that the sign sparked such an onslaught of outrage that the sign’s longevity lasted only about 10 minutes, just long enough to create a viral feeding frenzy across the social media.

"Obviously no one here would condone any type of violence, domestic or otherwise," said a Roots Bistro manager. "Everyone makes mistakes. We completely deserved the backlash, and I can't be mad at anyone but myself."

However, shortly after the nationwide offensive signage was pulled from the marquee, a new sign that read “Seriously, focus your energy on equal rights” was quickly put up, suggesting that the restaurant was more ticked off that no one seemed to get their joke than they were actually apologetic for poking fun at violence against women.

What do you think: did the Roots Bistro "domestic violence" sign cross a line or is society just being overly sensitive?