As wonderful as women can be,  they've been known to lie. Especially to men. Sometimes with the purest of intentions. Such is the case with the following lies all women tell men:

What they say: "I want your completely honest opinion ..."
What they really mean: “Tell me what I want to hear.”

In other words, ‘No, she’s not prettier than you”, and “No, that dress does not make your butt look big.”

What they say: "I'm fine. Really."
What they really mean: “I’m really not fine.”

The worst thing you can do is say “Okay” and end the conversation. It’s all about showing her that her happiness is your #1 priority. It's best to show some serious concern until you slowly coax it out of her.

What they say: "Oh my God, I LOVE sports!"
What they really mean: “I love putting on a cute jersey and socializing.”

Chances are she just wants to be around you and the buds and join in on the debauchery. So just enjoy her company and  save the quizzes for your equally obsessed sports fanatic buddies.

What they say: "Sure, go out and have a guys' night!"
What they really mean: “It’s not that I don’t want you to have your own friends. I just want it to fit conveniently into our own lives.”

Translation: please try to plan your guys’ nights to align with my nights out with the girls.

What they say: "I've never cheated on any of boyfriends."
What they really mean: “I may have cheated on someone before, but I’m afraid that if tell you, you won’t think of me as relationship-worthy anymore.”

Bottom line: The fear of losing a could-be great love (you!) is one a lady doesn’t take lightly.