No one in a  relationship likes being lied to. And I'm not talking little white lies like "no they don't make you look fat" and "you are the most beautiful woman in the world." I'm talking ruin the relationship lies. If you think your partner is being dishonest, Woman's Day says you might be on to something. Here's how to spot a lie ...

  • Does he itch his nose? Itching or rubbing the nose can be a warning that a lie is about to leave his lips. Before fibbing, cells release histamine -- which can cause an itchy nose.
  • Does he physically try to avoid the conversation? Turning away from someone, being unable to maintain eye contact and even looking away from the person completely are avoidance responses. This is a pretty serious warning sign.
  • Does he use evasive language? Repetitive use of phrases like, "honestly" and "I swear" are used to change the perception of the other person about their actions. This is common trait in people who are lying.
  • Does he cover his eyes, mouth, or ears? Covering or blocking of the senses is a cue that there is deception. It's almost like his body is trying to stop himself from hearing, speaking, or seeing the effects of the lie.