Dating site recently surveyed 5,000 single men and women to find out which qualities single people are NOT willing to compromise on in a partner. After crunching the numbers, they've determined these are Top 5 relationship deal-breakers:

#5.) Living Too Far Away. 51% of men and 47% of women said they wouldn't get into a relationship with someone who lived more than a three-hour drive away.

#4.)  Not Having a Good Sense of Humor. 50% of men and 58% of women wouldn't date someone they can't laugh with.

#3.)  Being Too Needy. 57% of men and 69% of women said that if you're too needy, then you're too much work and they're rather move on.

#2.)  Laziness. 60% of men and 72% of women say they're not attracted to lazy people. And that doesn't just mean you sit on the couch all day.  Things that ALSO make you seem lazy include taking days to return a phone call, or always making the other person plan your dates.

#1.)  Not Caring About Your Appearance. 63% of men and 71% of women said they would stop seeing someone who showed up for dates looking like they didn't even TRY. They reason that if you don’t care about your appearance, then what else is wrong with you that is not so obvious?