A recent survey concluded that the best compliment a man can give a woman is "Have you lost weight?" The ladies also dig it when you complement the way they smell, their hair, or their eyes. You should, however, refrain from using any of the following 5 phrases or words, as they can be taken the wrong way:

#1.)  Avoid anything that can be interpreted as "fat":  Broad, curvy, and thick for example are adjectives you'll want to avoid.

#2.)  Don't ask them if they're sick:  Using the phrases "You look tired" and "Are you feeling okay?" are bad ideas. 

#3.)  No back-handed complements:  It should be a no-brainer, but don’t use phrases like "You're not as stupid as you look" or "You don't look as bad as I thought you would."

#4.)  Don't imply that they're getting old:  "You look like your father/mother" won't go over well. Neither will "I bet you were pretty good looking back in your day."

#5.)  Don't mention their makeup:  No matter what you say, they'll interpret it as "You're wearing too much".

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