The very public relationship issues plaguing Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart has brought the subject of cheating back to the forefront. Will he forgive her? Should he forgive her? If you find yourself in a similar situation, the love experts at Glamour magazine suggest you consider these three things before even contemplating taking him or her back:

Did he tell you himself or did you find out another way?It's so much worse if you found out through friends or Facebook, than if he told you himself. The same issues of honesty and trust will keep coming up.

Was it a one-time thing or a long-time affair? Cheating is cheating, but a one-time oops seems much more forgivable than someone who cheated and lied over and over for any length of time.

Will you ever be able to trust him or her again? If you think you will always doubt your partner's honesty than you most likely cannot forgive the cheating. You can't have a relationship without trust.