FOUR NOT SO "SEXY" THINGS YOU MIGHT BE DOING: Every item on this list is supposed to turn men on. At least that’s why you’ve always been told. And some guys are very much down with the following. Not Glamour’s male relationship expert, Jake. He thinks these are efforts women really don't need to make:

  • Fishnet stockings. True, some men like them, but others are just not into the holey tights look. As one guy says, "Believe me, a short skirt works just fine."
  • Bright red lipstick. It may be sexy, but it says: "Don't touch or you'll mess up my make-up." Your lips look delicious, but guys think kissing you means ingesting a product.
  • Crazy cocktails. When a woman orders a "Screaming Orgasm" or "Sex on the Beach" or other drinks with raunchy names, guys feel like they're with some kind of a maneater. Ordering sexy drinks doesn't make you sexy.
  • Ear blowing. To a guy, accidental female breath in his ear is sexy. But intentionally blowing directly into the ear can be uncomfortable and a turn-off!


OK, WE'RE AXING:  Have you ever done something to try to be sexy, but your guy was turned off by it?

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