What's the formula for happy, long-lasting marriage?  Kisses, cuddles, and "I love you"! Researchers came up with the ingredients after asking 3,000 married people what their secret to staying together was. It turns out it's as simple as 4, 3, 2,1:

Four kisses a day, 3 cuddles per week, 2 date nights a month, and one sincere "I love you" every day. It also helps to be intimate three times a week; to call, e-mail, or text at least three times a day; and to share two hobbies. Add a 2 year age gap and a three and a half year courtship and chances are you two will grow old and gray together.  Oh, and it's also important to have a bit of independence, such as two nights out a month with friends.

JUST ASKING: What's YOUR formula for a happy marriage? How do you keep the love alive? Tell us here.