At a certain point, some women realize when it comes to men their standards might be too high and lowering the bar becomes an option. But if you’re looking for marriage material, don’t lower it too much or you could end up with someone you shouldn't be with. Here, as heard on Mike and Tricia Mornings,  are five types of men you should try not to get involved with. In the long run, the experts say, they won't make you happy.

The Guy Who Hates His Job. It's one thing if he doesn't LIKE his job and he's looking for something else. But if he's miserable and has no drive to find something better, you'll absorb that negativity, and you'll be miserable too.

The Guy Who Puts Work First. This is the extreme opposite of 'Guy Who Hates His Job'. If he's a workaholic, he might be a good provider but he may not be there emotionally.

The Guy Who's Obsessed with His Mother. If he loves her and always defends her, you'll never live up to his standards. If he hates her, he'll want you to be the exact opposite, which isn't realistic. Either way, it spells relationship problems.

The Guy Who Doesn't Want You to Meet His Friends. Men need to spend time with their friends, just like women need a girls' night out sometimes. But if he NEVER wants you around his friends, it's a sign he's not ready to share certain parts of his life, which means he's not that into you.

The Guy Who Can't Believe You Picked Him. If he says it once, just take it as a compliment. But if he says it ALL the time, he has self-esteem issues. And eventually, you'll start wondering  why too.

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