It was all good for Cristian Villarreal-Castillo. He had just hit up a bunch of cars in a Hillsboro, Oregon neighborhood and made off with a bunch of small electronics, and his good fortune continued when he was able to enter a home through an unlocked back door.

All the 20-year old had to do was grab a few things of value and beat a hasty retreat. Unfortunately for Villarreal-Castillo, breaking and entering is best done at night, and the late hours coupled with the energy he expended ransacking the place evidently tired him out.

The homeowners had heard the commotion downstairs and called the cops -- who arrived to find Villerreal-Castillo snoozing on the kitchen floor.

The evidence of his earlier robberies still in his pockets, and the first floor of the home showing signs of a robbery were all the police needed to charge him with burglary, attempted theft, trespassing and criminal mischief.