Talk about Spidey Non-sense! An Oregon teenager bugged out when she noticed a spider crawling on the back of her living room couch and called 911 to get police assistance in getting rid of it. The unidentified girl dialed the emergency number and told the dispatcher that she was about to ask "a ridiculous question," and lived up to that promise by asking someone to send over cops to get rid of a "massive freaking spider" which she claimed was the size of a baseball.

Listen to the 911 call:

And instead of giving her a lecture on abusing 911, a cop was actually sent to her house to investigate the creepy crawly. (Wow, police in Oregon are way nicer than police everywhere else -- or have way less to do.) Upon his arrival, the officer discovered a spider nowhere near the size of a baseball -- later described as about two inches in length, and that included the legs. One rolled-up newspaper later, the arachnid invasion was handled.

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