DOES THIS X-RAY PROVE ONCE AND FOR ALL KIM KARDASHIAN'S BUTT IS REAL???: KIM KARDASHIAN'S sister KHLOE tried to dispel the rumor that Kim's backside has been surgically enhanced by posting this photo on her website of Kim standing next to an X-ray -- allegedly of her own patootie -- with the caption, "Hey dolls. The PROOF is in the X-ray. Kim's ass is 100% real!!!"

Kim Tweeted,"Haha! The things my sisters have me do! Proof baby!"


MADONNA WITHOUT MAKEUP: The hardly-ever-reliable gossip site MediaTakeOut has a few shots today of MADONNA without makeup. Here's one ...

STOP ME IF YOU'VE HEARD THIS ONE BEFORE - LINDSAY AVOIDS JAIL: It turns out the only thing LINDSAY LOHAN is guilty of is 'poor judgement', which means Linds will NOT go to jail for failing an alcohol test.

Apparently she didn't have to take one in the first place. The previous judge, you see, only ordered her to be tested for controlled substances from January 3rd through February 25th.

So instead of throwing Lindsay back in a cell, Judge Sautner gave her a tongue lashing ... "If you are guilty of some violation of probation, I don't see it," she said. "What you are guilty of is extremely poor judgment."

She then added, "If you're in jail, you're not allowed to have parties," referring to the rooftop barbecue bash at her apartment over the Memorial Day weekend. "House arrest should be akin to jail. You are not allowed to have a party." Now Lindsay is allowed to have only one buddy at a time inside her pad.


RIHANNA IS IN DENIAL - SAYS SHE DID NOT TWEET THAT SHE PROVOKED CHRIS BROWN TO ATTACK HER: RIHANNA is seriously fired up at MTV Canada today for alleging she tweeted it was HER FAULT that CHRIS BROWN beat her down back in 2009.

Rihanna says she never tweeted, quote, "I admit it. I provoked Chris [Brown] to hit me. It not entirely his fault." But she did post this one putting them on blast: "Are u [effing] kiddin me?????? You're supposed to be a RELIABLE source for news on music and this is the bull[crap] u post??"

ROMANCE REPORT: Grey’s Anatomy star SARA RAMIREZ is engaged to boyfriend Ryan Debolt. Debolt reportedly popped the question in Paris on June 17th.