CELEBRITY BIRTHDAYS (6/24/11): Minka Kelly - 31  The insanely hot cheerleader from the first few seasons of "Friday Night Lights". She and New York Yankees baller Derek Jeter have been sharing their down there parts since 2008.

Beginning this fall you can see her on Thursday nights in the ABC-TV "Charlie's Angels" reboot. Get your first look at the show and read up on it HERE.

--Petra Nemcova - 32  Tsunami Tsurviving Tsupermodel, and  a contestant on this past season of Dancing with the Stars.  Petra survived the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami after clinging to a palm tree with a broken pelvis for eight hours ...

-Mick Fleetwood - 69  He's the Fleetwood in "Fleetwood Mac" and the sole member to stay with the band since it's inception. That's over 40 years, Skippy!

--Danielle Spencer- 46  Remember "What's Happening!"??? Remember Roger's  little snitch sister Dee??? Congratulations! You're old!!!