CELEBRITY SPLITSVILLE - JESSE JAMES AND KAT VON D: JESSE JAMES and KAT VON D have broken up and called off their engagement, according to "People" magazine. Jesse, who tells the tab he's "sad because I really love her", blames "the distance between us" saying it "was just too much." The 'distance' he's reffering to is the fact that he lives in Austin - a move he made to be closer to SANDRA BULLOCK after he humiliated her last year - while Kat lives in LA.

Two months ago, Jesse gave an interview where he said of Von D, "We have something special that I've never felt with anyone I've ever been with. We like the same music, we like tattoos, we like art, everything." Sadly, liking the same music, tattoos, and art wasn't enough.

AMY WINEHOUSE - AUTOPSY INCONCLUSIVE: It looks like we'll have to wait a while longer to find out the exact cause of AMY WINEHOUSE'S death. An autopsy "did not establish a formal cause of death," according to London Metropolitan Police, who will now "await the results of further toxicology tests." These usually take two to four weeks.

Police also revealed yesterday there was no sign of drugs near Winehouse when she died. Probably because all the drugs were already inside Amy! What? Too soon?

IN DENIAL – JENNIFER LOPEZ: There was a crazy rumor going around yesterday that JENNIFER LOPEZ and DIDDY were rekindling old feelings. According to the hardly-ever-reliable Mediatakeout website, Jennifer had reached out to Diddy last year when she realized that her marriage to MARC ANTHONY wasn't working. The two allegdly kept in contact, and last Wednesday they supposedly went on a date in New York City.

Today, Jennifer's rep is denying the rumor. Not only are they not dating, Her rep says J.Lo was on the set of her new film in Atlanta on the day in question.

IN DENIAL - LINDSAY LOHAN: It's been awhile since we've had a LINDSAY LOHAN denial story. So here it goes... Referring to a report in RadarOnline that she was so drunk at a pal's birthday party Saturday night she was "barely able to walk.", Linds tells TMZ, "Reports of me being intoxicated and not even able to stand are nothing but absurd."

CELEBRITY BIRTHDAYS FOR TUESDAY JULY 26 Include Sandra Bullock, Mick Jagger, and Helen Mirren

ROMANCE REPORT - GENE SIMMONS FINALLY PROPOSES: GENE SIMMONS and SHANNON TWEED have been together for 28 years and have raised two children together. Despite being pretty much married, Gene has vowed to never make THE BIG MISTAKE all the while allegedly hooking up with whichever random woman he pleased.

And if you’ve been watching their A& E reality show, "Gene Simmons Family Jewels", then you know it’s been taking its toll on Shannon. Well ... on tonight's season finale, Gene finally gives in and proposes!!!


OZZY AND SHARON OSBOURNE SPEND $10,000 ON YORKIE PUPPY: OZZY and SHARON OSBOURNE just dropped ten grand on a new dog. "People" magazine reported that for their money, the Osbournes got an eight-week-old Yorkie rescue puppy named ... wait for it ... Ozzy!

The buy went down over the weekend at the 13th Annual Design Care -- an event that benefits Holly Robinson Peete's HollyRod Foundation. (--Holly and Sharon work together on "The Talk".) The bidding started at 5 grand, and quickly went up as Ozzy vowed to make the puppy his.

WATCH MARIAH CAREY’S "INSANE" HOME SHOPPING NETWORK APPEARANCE: MARIAH CAREY was on the Home Shopping Network Sunday night to sell stuff from her fashion collection, and many viewers are talking about how weird she acted, such as not wanting the cameras on her because she "just had babies."

The gossip site “Gawker” condensed her “insane” appearance to a manageable 4 minutes, which succeeds in making her seem more annoying than “insane”. Check it, yo …

SNAPSHOT - BEN AFFLECK'S (RIDICULOUS) JUSTIN BIEBER HAIRCUT: BEN AFFLECK was spotted in Santa Monica yesterday with a JUSTIN BIEBER-LIKE haircut. Is it for real? Is it for a movie role? Frankly, we're too busy laughing to care!