JACKSON TRIAL DAY 5: The manslaughter trial of DR. CONRAD MURRAY continued yesterday with more testimony from emergency room doctor Richelle Cooper.

  • Cooper told prosecutors when Jackson arrived at the ER "he was clinically dead.” And while she reiterated that Dr. Murray never told her Michael had taken propofol that day, Dr. Cooper said that information would not have helped them save Michael at that point.
  • Also on the witness stand was Dr. Thao Nguyen, a cardiologist working at the hospital the day of Michael's death.  Like numerous other witnesses, she testified that Dr. Murray said the only drug he'd given Michael was lorazepam.

Prosecutors also provided Dr. Murray's phone records from the day of Michael's death to show that he was texting and talking on two of his cell phones during the time he was supposed to be tending to Michael.

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