MICHAEL JACKSON TRIAL DAY 9: Jurors finally heard from Dr. Conrad Murray at his involuntary manslaughter trial Friday. Prosecutors played a portion of Murray's two-hour taped interview with police two days after Michael Jackson's death. In the interview, Murray admitted that he gave Jackson numerous drugs -- including propofol -- to help him sleep.

  • Murray said Jackson was concerned about his rehearsals for the This Is It tour, which was starting soon. Murray says, "He complained, he was going to have to cancel the (rehearsal). It would not satisfy his fans if he wasn't rested well."

LISTEN: In this excerpt from his taped interview with police, Dr. Conrad Murray admits to giving Michael Jackson drugs, including propofol, to help him sleep …

  • Murray said after a number of drugs did not help Jackson to fall asleep he asked for propofol, which he referred to as milk. "I'd like to have some milk," he allegedly told Murray. "Please, please give me some." Murray said he gave Jackson 25 milligrams of the anesthetic, insisting, "I took all precautions that were available to me." Shortly after, Jackson stopped breathing and 911 was called.

As for Michael's death, Dr. Murray says he only left Michael briefly to use the bathroom, and when he returned, Michael wasn't breathing. He added he was “trying to wean [Michael] off the propofol." Since today is Columbus Day, the trial will resume Tuesday, with the prosecution playing more from this interview.