MICHAEL JACKSON TRIAL DAY 10: The doctor who declared Michael Jackson's death a homicide testified yesterday that Jackson did not kill himself. Dr. Conrad Murray's attorneys have claimed that Jackson caused his own death by giving himself an extra dose of propofol when Murray was out of the singer's bedroom.

But Dr. Christopher Rogers, who performed the autopsy on Jackson, told jurors Jackson did not have time to give himself the anesthetic and stop breathing in the two minutes that Murray told police he was out of the room. He also said that no propofol was found in Michael's stomach or esophagus which means Michael didn't drink it, as the defense has suggested.

The other more gruesome highlight of yesterday's testimony was when prosecutors showed an image of Jackson's dead, naked body on a gurney in the hospital taken soon after he was pronounced dead. The photo – which you can view at this link -- showed the remnants of an IV needle and medical tape on his arm. Michael's mother Katherine and sister Rebbie were not in the courtroom when it was shown. Prosecutors warned them about it ahead of time, and they opted to skip that part of the trial.

Watch: Dr. Rogers explaining why he thinks Dr. Murray killed Michael …

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