MICHAEL JACKSON TRIAL DAY 11: Dr. Conrad Murray's lawyers dropped one of their claims yesterday and admitted that its unlikely Michael Jackson killed himself by drinking a fatal dose of propofol. 

Technically, they can still claim Michael administered the fatal dose but they'd have go with the Michael-hooked-himself-up-to-the-IV-drip defense. The reversal on the propofol came one day after an expert testified it would be all but impossible for the singer to have killed himself by swallowing the drug.

Another prosecution expert, cardiologist Alon Steinberg, testified yesterday that Murray committed at least six separate incidents of "gross negligence" and "extreme deviations" from accepted medical practices, including: Not calling 911 immediately, not having proper resuscitation equipment on hand, and administering propofol as a sleep aid. Steinberg added he was of the opinion there was no doubt Michael would be alive today if Murray had called 911 the second he realized Michael was in distress.

WATCH: Some of Steinberg's testimony

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