How many times have you heard your kiddos, especially girls, say things like "I don't like math or science"? Put those beasties into the YWCA camps this summer so they can see that math and science are fun!

The YWCA is offering STEAM camps this year. Those camps are designed to complement what they learned in school and help get them ready for the upcoming school year. It also helps prevent what is known as "summer slide". That's what happens when kids spend their summer in front of the tv or glued to video games and phones. Summer slide has to be dealt with when the school year starts and kids have to get back into the swing of learning.

The YWCA STEAM camps aren't in a classroom setting, rather, they get students engaged in math games, science and engineering projects, and mix in playtime, creative projects, and swimming. There are three camps, one in the Upper Valley and two locations in east El Paso.

YWCA STEAM camps also provide nutritious meals and snacks for all kids registered in the camps. Camp staff members are CPR and First-Aid certified and trained in safety, supervision, decision making, and problem-solving. Kids ages 4 - 12 can be enrolled in the indoor camps, and the outdoor camp take kids from ages 6 - 12. Early Learning Academies are available for younger children.

You can get more information about all camp and Learning Academies offered by the YWCA by clicking here.

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