Did you know that YouTube has only been around for 15 years? It seems like every person in the whole world has uploaded at least one video or has their own YouTube channel. There have been a millions of viral videos, and people have spent billions of hours watching videos on YouTube, but it all had to start somewhere, right?

Turns out the whole YouTube phenomenon started with Jawed Karim and a couple of his friends who wanted to upload videos onto the interwebs but 15 years ago, no such platform existed, so they invented one. The friends shot a video at the San Diego Zoo in front of the elephant enclosure and then uploaded it to their fledgling platform making the 18-second video the first of a gazillion videos to follow.

Fifteen years ago watching someone make a video like Karim's probably made people do a double take because we weren't used to seeing a regular person create content that they would be uploading, but nowadays, we see so many people doing that we don't even blink.

Thanks for creating YouTube, Karim and friends. You made everyone famous. Well, maybe we shouldn't thank you after all.

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