The big announcement is finally here. We are so grateful for those who sent in their music and took the chance to put themselves out there. We know it isn't easy and we appreciate you helping create music the world needs now, more than ever.

Besides showcasing local talent and awarding a wonderful prize package, El Paso Originals is an opportunity for upcoming artists to be heard by respected music industry professionals. One of the hardest things for any developing artist is to get their work in front of people who can provide valuable feedback, and possibly get “discovered.” 15 El Paso bands and musicians had one of their submissions make it to our celebrity/music industry judges.

All of them are famous or influential people who have been responsible for the development, handling, promotion, or booking of acts in a wide range of genera and styles. Whether you were one of the top-5 finalists, or within the field of 15 who competed, all received feedback from the various judges which will hopefully benefit them as they continue to grow and emerge. Don't miss the special comments for our top five from some of our celebrity judges, in between the artist profiles.

We are excited to announce our big winner, who receive 24-hours of studio time at Star City Studio, a music video produced by Axess Multimedia, and an equipment upgrade courtesy of Hero Music!

Brought to you by Chihuahua Cerveza the Original Mexican American Lager, Oasis Hot Tubs, Star City Studio, Axess Multimedia, Hero Music.

Your GRAND PRIZE WINNER is Jason & Johnny Mendoza, Canz and Windows “22”

“We are Canz and Windows, 2 brothers born and raised in El Paso, Texas. We have been playing music for many years now. I, Jason Mendoza, am the song writer and lead guitar player and my brother Johnny Mendoza, is the producer, rhythm guitar and singer. We have moved along to different places to pursue our music career, but have always found our way back home. My songs come from my journeys and experiences along the way.”

Here’s what Geoff Tate said about the winners Canz & Windows:

“Minimal but very well done, nice camera work, played to camera well without overacting. Song was mixed very well for being minimal. He has a very interesting and rich voice, timeless lyrics and I could feel the emotion in the song. Honest too. Reminded me of early Oasis meets Harry Styles.”

First Runner Up/Second Place:

Brandon Baily Johnson “Don’t Know How To Say No”

“My name is Brandon Bailey Johnson and I’ve been making music in the Sun City since the age of 7. The border region and my culturally-diverse background provided me with positive interactions throughout my life- and my music speaks to those influences of love, acceptance, loss and forgiveness. I’m grateful for the experiences growing up in El Paso has provided and I’m able to reflect that in and thru my music. I enjoy producing and composing for a wide range of genres as well as performing with the symphony, my family trio and as a solo artist. My goal is to collaborate as a producer , musician and artist with others - and have fun!”

What Greg Thompson said about runner up Brandon Baily Johnson:

“Brandon Baily Johnson is a talented performer with a well written song.”

Second Runner Up/Third Place:

A. Billi Free “All Right With Me”

“I am a singer-songwriter, emcee, DJ, producer and a performer in the Southwest region with a bit of international and national performing and music making experience. My styles varies, especially on collaborative projects, but I enjoy creating in the Hip Hop, Electronic and Soul genres. I picked these particular music samples as an illustration of the range of music I like to write and perform. Alright With Me is a fun, upbeat tune where folks can feel comfortable in getting loose. Nothing But A Lot displays some of my rap/singing style and is a nod to a creator's ability to "be in their head" so to speak. This space is oftentimes where get our ideas.”

What Eric Boseman said about A. Billi Free:

“A. Billie Free" was my highest scoring artist. The production and quality of the instrumental performances were understated but super groovy and accesible. The vocal performance was on point .I found myself signing her hook days later.”

Third Runner Up/Fourth Place:

Texas Hart “One More Dance”

“My name is Texas Hart. I am a musician living in El Paso, and I am currently working on my debut album, titled ‘Story of One.’ My inspiration for this music comes from the people I am lucky enough to meet along the way.”

What Adan Armandariz said about Texas Hart:

“I still can’t get enough of that Texas Hart song. It’s a record that could put John Legend back on Top 40 radio.”

Fourth Runner Up/Fifth Place:

Jerry Vlack “Lights”

“My stage name is Jerry Vlack, and this song is inspired by the sounds of Radiohead’s Creep. It also holds a special place in my heart because it’s about High School ending and going separate ways apart from friends, a simple topic that personally gained more meaning as the year progressed because school ended earlier with quarantine and we didn’t even get a proper graduation or a chance to say goodbye. The video was shot in what we didn’t know was our last week of school.”

What The Pretty Reckless said about Jerry Vlack:

“The song writing stood out, and “Lights” was our favorite video.”

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