If you're Catholic, you know that springtime means Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday. Usually they happen in March and April, respectively, but this year, the calendar gods (yes, there are calendar gods), decided they wanted to have a little fun with Catholics.

This year Ash Wednesday falls on Valentine's Day. Wait - it gets better. Easter Sunday falls on April 1st. Yup, Easter Sunday falls on April Fools Day.

The reason why Easter moves around the calendar has to do with the Nicean Accord three hundred years ago, the Julian calendar, and the Gregorian calendar. There is a really long explanation that is a very interesting read here, but because of the internet, we never have to do the math as to when Easter will be - we just have to Google it.

So how to you celebrate Valentine's Day on Ash Wednesday? Well, you're not supposed to eat meat, so make your date take you out for a lobster dinner. You're also supposed to be giving something up for Lent, so give up laying in bed and surfing the web for an hour before bed and get some extra rest for 40 days. If you give up chocolate and restart your New Year's resolution to exercise you might get through Lent a jeans size smaller.

As for Easter Sunday, give up the goofy April Fool's Day tricks for this year and concentrate on eating as many chocolate bunnies as you can to make up for all the delicious treats you gave up.

Happy Easter!

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