A school counselor at Hanks High School downloaded student's personal information on her personal laptop and the Ysleta Independent School District is now having to deal with the fallout of that computer being stolen.

YISD sent letter to parents of students at Hanks notifying them of the situation earlier this week. They said the counselor's computer had student information like addresses, dates of birth, and social security numbers. The counselor was going to do work at home, but her home was broken into on February 18. The computer was among several items stolen.

Xavier De La Torre said the computer was password protected, but the password "was affixed on a strip of tape on the left hand corner of her personal computer." YISD says the student's information may have been compromised, but so far, "no suspicious activity surrounding the sensitive information" has been reported.

YISD has hired a company to monitor the situation and students have been enrolled in an identity-theft protection program called iLOCK360. The coverage will be retroactive to February 18 of this year and will continue through at least December 2017 or "until YISD receives reasonable assurance student information has been secured."

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