Many years ago some El Pasoans were blessed with the presence of Aaron Lewis of Staind. If you ever got to see Staind in concert you're one hell of a lucky person.

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That is one band I would definitely love to see in concert in El Paso. Luckily I was able to see the next best thing to Staind which was Aaron Lewis and his acoustic set.

Back in April, you may remember Daniel Paulus shared 10 legendary bands that need to come back to El Paso. Well, Daniel is definitely right and had me wondering if either Staind or Aaron Lewis would ever come back to El Paso.

If you need a refresher since it has been what seems like forever Aaron Lewis came to El Paso 15 years ago. Aaron Lewis performed an acoustic set at The Plaza Theater on August 17, 2007.

Thankfully, my sister had bought a pair of tickets then and took me with her to the show. It was my lucky day to see Aaron Lewis since he did cover a Deftones song that happens to be one of my absolute favorites.

Aaron Lewis played "Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)" along with a few other covers. Now you must remember in 2007 phone camera quality wasn't the best as it is now.

But I5I5 YouTube shared a couple of songs Aaron Lewis sang at The Plaza Theater. So what I would like to know is if you were there at the Aaron Lewis acoustic show in 2007.

If you were there like me, don't you wish Aaron Lewis could return to El Paso for another show? I was hoping he would return this year since he is kicking off his 2022 tour today, August 10.

There are quite a few shows he is doing in Texas except El Paso isn't one of them sadly. Let me know if you were there at The Plaza Theater watching Aaron Lewis perform in 2007 below.

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