I will admit that math was my least favorite subject in school; add a substitute and you had me sitting at the back of the class.

In an effort to liven up the class, one interesting substitute teacher at Nathan Hale High School in Tulsa, Okla, had the not so genius idea of including serial killers and stalkers into the subject.

Parents quickly became enraged at the type of geometry homework that was assigned.

Here are the full questions:

"Serial killer Ted Bundy has a 20-foot ladder leaning against his favorite tree. The ladder makes a 64-degree angle with the ground. What distance up the tree does the ladder reach?"

"Creepy John watches his neighbors with a telescope. Their apartment is 12ft from the ground. John's is 36ft. If the angle of depression from John's apartment is 47 degrees, how far apart are the two apartment buildings?"

Needless to say the concerned parents complained and the sub was let go and will not be returning to that class any time soon.

Do you think this was a harmless assignment or just plain wrong?


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