It was the beatdown seen across the Borderland.

A video clip released by Crime Stoppers of El Paso of two women attacking a Food King employee, reportedly after the worker questioned whether an item had been purchased, quickly went viral over the weekend and just as swiftly resulted in the women turning themselves in.

In the store surveillance video, made public in an effort to help police identify the suspects, the agitated shoppers can be seen arguing with a worker who, according to Crime Stoppers, asked them if they had paid for an item. The argument quickly turned violent.

After a few seconds of hand slapping from all parties involved, several bystanders jumped in and broke up the attack. As a result of the altercation, the employee was taken to the hospital for treatment, as per Sgt. Javier Sambrano of the El Paso Police Department.

The publicity the clip received on social media resulted in the two females allegedly involved voluntarily turning themselves in for questioning. The women, both from Las Cruces, have not been charged with any crime yet, according to Crime Stoppers. Investigation of the incident continues.

On the night of Monday, August 3, 2020, just before 10 P.M., two women went to the Food King Store located at 5514 Alameda Avenue. As the women were leaving, an employee approached them to ask about an item in their shopping cart.

One of the women began to yell at the employee before attacking her. Moments later, the other woman joined in, both punching the victim several times in the face. They fled the scene in a gray truck similar to a GMC or Chevrolet with New Mexico License plates. – Crime Stoppers of El Paso

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