A man in Houston -- the hometown of Jay Z's wife, Beyonce -- was nearly killed by two women who wanted to buy a pair of Jay Z concert tickets from him and attempted to steal the tickets.

According to this report, an unidentified man, 20, was dealing with two prospective buyers via Craigslist. He met them at a Starbucks on Dec. 15, with his girlfriend in tow. The wannabe buyers called him and asked him to meet them outside since they had a child in the car. Disturbingly enough, that part is true, and they committed this act with a kid in tow.

He agreed, and while leaning in the window on the passenger side in effort to show the buyers that the tix were legit, the passenger attempted to grab them and the driver tried to make a hasty exit.

The seller was still halfway inside the car. The passenger tried to kick the victim while he was hanging on. He reportedly asked them to stop, but when he lost his grip, they ran over him. He was then hospitalized with several broken bones, crushed fingers and road rash. He may require plastic surgery and could lose the use of his fingers.

The ladies were located at the Jay Z show on Dec. 19, enjoying the concert with their criminally obtained tix and other friends. They were both arrested, with the driver was held on $30,000 bond and charged with aggravated robbery.

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