Jay-Z sat down for a conversation with the team over at CNN to discuss his infidelity within his relationship with Beyonce. Beyonce of course was hailed a hero after her last recorded effort entitled Lemonade where she candidly performs music and interludes detailing her experience of loss and betrayal when Jay-Z stepped out on their marriage. In her effort, Beyonce is even featured speaking on her record about her loss in a very touching interlude showcasing her pain. Jay-Z tells CNN that he’s learned from his mistakes and calls Beyonce his soul mate stating that it was important for them as a couple to fight for their love and ultimately produce a different outcome for outsiders and their children to view as an example. He is firm about having to atone for his mistakes not only toward his wife but having to get right within himself. He states one of my favorite quotations that goes “The best apology is changed behavior.” Jay sites Beyonce and his mother as the two strongest women he knows saying that he had to make sure to let his wife have her say in how she would handle his apology and whether she would accept it or not. He goes on to say that if the roles were reversed he hopes to have enough strength in him to forgive. Watch the clip below.


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