Dj Khaled has teamed up with one of Hollywood’s most popular musical couples; Jay-Z and Beyonce! The new song is called Top Off. In my opinion, the song has a rough, stanky feel to it similar to that of Bodak Yellow by Cardi B. Future appears on the single in his classic auto tuned vocal delivery. Jay-Z is featured doing what he does best. Jay offers a staccato delivery of his verse along with his never missed opportunity to question a lyrics or two that might inspire a little giggle. You’ll notice Beyonce at what I consider to be her wildest. She drops quite a few F-Bombs and reiterates time and time again in her apparent over indulgent fashion that she is the queen. The song has been released for streaming and we don’t have any word as to when it will be available for purchase. I’m pretty sure that the dream team collabo will be accessible for purchase soon considering the effort to popularize the music and streaming service Tidal which is heavily influenced by Jay-Z. Enjoy the song on Spotify. Click here to listen.

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