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Posted by Em Rusciano on Monday, April 13, 2015

Facebook oversharing. We've all done it. Too many photos of your Hawaiian vacation. Too many snaps of your fabulous meal at a four star restaurant. Too many pictures of your kid's modern dance recital. Sometimes, your Facebook newsfeed is nothing but adorable tots doing adorable things. Some people call it 'baby spamming', and it drove the friends of one woman to writer her a nasty letter tell her to knock it off.

Jade Ruthven has a new baby, and apparently, all the baby postings were just too much for her friends to take so they wrote her a letter that has gone viral for its meanness. The person who wrote this letter said she was tired of seeing Jade's posts about her daughter's new outfits and rolling over excapades. The writer even says the group of friends can't wait for Jade to go back to work because she won't have as much time to Facebook.

With friends like this, who needs enemies?