A woman says that two years ago she walked into Sephora to try on a lipstick and walked out with oral herpes. She is suing the company, but if she did get herpes, it's kind of all of our fault. Women in the cosmetic department turn into grubby little monsters with no thought to the person who is coming up behind them.

Here's some gross things you'll always see when women are looking at cosmetics:

1. God only knows when they last washed their hands - I picked up a makeup brush after a woman put it down on the Dillard's makeup counter and the handle was sticky. Like, really sticky. I almost threw up.

Young woman looking through hands stressed.
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2. They put lipstick directly on their mouth - Sephora, Ulta, Dillard's, Macy's, virtually any place that sells cosmetics and has samples will have cotton swabs. Use them. Otherwise you're putting your mouth on something that someone else's mouth has been on, and I don't know about you, but unless I want to kiss you, I don't want your cooties on my mouth.

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3. Kids. Enough said - If your monsters are with you while you makeup shop, keep their nasty little hands and mouths away from stuff. If you want to let them play with your makeup once you get home, have at it. The rest of us want to put you both in time out for 3 days when we see your brats pawing stuff that we want to try out.

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