El Pasoans are known to be pretty good drivers, but many would argue they are sloppy drivers. I am not going to lie, I am not the best driver. I do sometimes eat when I drive while jamming out to Lady Gaga. Not the best practices, so I am always working at being a better driver.

One thing I have completely changed my mindset on is how far I need to stay from a semi-truck while I drive.

My husband started trucking at 20-years-old, driving teams with his father. Once we started dating, he taught me the proper ways to respect semi-truck drivers because he explained the mechanics. Now, I know, I should have always known this but do not act like you haven't sped up to get in front of a semi-truck.

TxDot is helping spread the word on respecting all trucks on the road:

“Be Safe. Drive Smart.” Campaign offers practical safety tips to motorists.

Posted by City of Socorro, Texas on Monday, January 25, 2021

As a wife of a truck driver, I do worry about every time he is out on the road. I know there are many truckers here in El Paso and families who worry just as much as I do. Please consider this next time you want to cut off a trucker.

Please get to where you need to safely, so we can have our truckers come home too.

We may not play this song on 93.1 KISSFM but I want to share this song with you and hope you share it with anyone who has a trucker in their life. Give them a thank you every now and then.

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