In case you didn't know, winter in El Paso isn't a complete season. We like to hit springtime temperatures of 70 for days on end and then drop into winter temperatures for a few days so you can take your coat out of the closet for a couple of days.

Monday will be nice with a high in the low 60s, but then a strong cold front will move through on Tuesday and drop our highs into the low 40s, but wait, there's more. We'll get early morning wind chills that will feel like we're in the teens, so make sure you bundle up the kiddos before they go to school.

There won't be much relief during the day as wind chills will not climb out of the 30s on Tuesday. We might have enough moisture in the air on Wednesday morning for some isolated showers and maybe some light snow mixed in, but supposedly it's not going to be bad. Of course, in El Paso, that might mean we could get a foot of snow!

Temperatures should get back to normal in the high 50s by Thursday.

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