Starting tomorrow, June 30th - throughout the month of July, we are hosting Tacotote Tuesdays! This means we are giving you a chance to win two Tacotote Packs just by sending us a selfie of you outside a Tacototo restaurant, with a Tacotote takeout order or in the drive-thru. Really, you just have to have your face and Tacotote's logo in your photo.

Simple take that photo and send it to us through our FREE app or tag us on social media and use the hashtag #TacototeTuesday.

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If you can't seem to find where to upload your photo, please watch Monika's quick How-To video below:

We are giving you multiple chances to wins some deliciousness as we pick one winner each week. You can only submit a photo once a week and only win one week throughout the contest. You must make your social media post public in order for us to see it.

Here is the schedule of when we will pick weekly winners:
The first winner was chosen July 6th, congrats to Nancy Rangel:

Nancy Rangel

The second winner is picked on July 13th:

The third winner is picked on July 20th

The final winner is picked on July 27th

Here are some examples of possible poses you can use when taking your Tacotote Tuesday Photo:

You can get creative with your photo, just make sure we can see the Tacotote logo in your photo. Please makes sure to fill out the complete form when you send us the photo through our free app.

When it comes to posting to social media, you MUST use the hashtag #TacototeTuesday. We can not accept the entry if there is NO hashtag. I just want to emphasize that. We will be choosing winners at random from combined entries from both 95.5 KLAQFM apps and 93.1 KISSFM app entries, as well as social media entries.

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