The coronavirus has completely changed the way we do everything. Our lives have ground to a halt, schools are closed, department stores are closed and if you want to go to the grocery store, it's entirely possible that you will have to wait your turn because more and more stores are limiting the number of people who will be allowed inside. And now it's Easter Week, but it's a Holy Week unlike we've ever seen in our lives.

Today is Good Friday, the day that Christ was crucified. So why would we call a day when our Lord suffered and died on a cross 'good'? Here a few things you probably don't know about Good Friday:

1. It might have been named something different originally - There are other parts of the world that celebrate Good Friday but call it 'Sorrowful Friday'. There is also the possibility that it actually started out being called 'God's Friday' and changed into 'Good Friday' along the way.

2. It actually is good if you think about it - Is it good that Christ was tortured and died on the cross? Well, to have to endure that isn't good, but Christians know that without those events, Christ wouldn't have died for our sins and we couldn't have Eternal Life. So 'good'? Well, yes, if you're a believer.

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